Wood Family Sugarplace History
1973 New sugarhouse built with 5'x16' pan
1993 Bought stainless/steel pans
1994 Installed 1000 gallon stainless steel holder
1997 Built addition to sugarhouse
1997 Installed pre-heater hood and replaced pipes
1998 Built pipeline washer system
2006 Installed 1800 gallon stainless steel holder
2007 Installed vacuum system
2009 Began utilizing new drops with Health Spouts inserts
2010 Installed check valves in the lower sugarplace
2012 Installed new vacuum system
2013 Began utilizing wet/dry system, added 1800 taps, installed reverse osmosis system and filter press
2014 Installed propane generator
2015 Formed Kirby Mountain Maple, LLC
2015 Began construction on new sugarhouse
2015 Purchased new arch, pans, and holder
2016 First season in the new sugarhouse!