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The Wood Family has been sugaring for five generations, carrying on a deeply rooted farming tradition that was discovered by Native Americans long before Europeans settled in America. As spring approaches in Vermont, the days bring warmer temperatures and thawing snow while the nights freeze hard and cold; the saps starts to run and sugarmakers rush to collect the sweet liquid in buckets or tubing to be boiled down into pure, delicious maple syrup.

The sugaring season typically starts in February or March, and is the origin of February vacation for school children in Vermont, who help tap the sugarbush and relish the possibility that they might stay up late for a long boil into the night. The season is a frenzy of activity until April, when spring has brought enough warmth to prevent the nighttime freeze. As the sap flow ends, sugarmakers close up the sugarhouse, pull taps and wash out tubing and buckets, and get to work on the many off-season tasks that ensure the woodshed is full and the arch is ready for next year's first boil. 


Kirby sugarbush piped

Our South Kirby sugarbush (the forest stand of maple trees which are tapped for maple sap) was piped in 1971 by Albert and Donald Wood, with the help of their father Herbert. It was one of the first in the area to utilize all plastic piping, rather than old-fashioned buckets and spouts. A new sugarhouse was built in the sugarbush and the sugaring operation was established. It would later be passed down to Albert's sons Roger, Alan, and Jim, and to the generations that followed.


Sugarhouse modernizes

We began modernizing our sugaring operation in 2012 with the installation of a new vacuum pump system. In the following years, we added a wet/dry system with a new line of 1800 taps, a reverse osmosis system, a new evaporator, automatic draw-off, and pre-evaporator. We began constructing a new sugarhouse  in 2015 and moved into the new setup for the 2017 sugaring season.


Tradition continues

Our sugaring business is still family-run, with multiple generations working hard to maintain and update our facility and sugarbush, produce liquid gold each spring, and market our sweet products.
While technology continues to increase the efficiency and yield of sugarmaking, the spirit and history of the tradition lives on in our sugarhouse, where family and neighbors gather in billowing steam to share in syrup, donuts, and conversation. 

The Sugarplace Today

Syrup produced since 1970

23,309 gallons (updated April 2022)

Number of Trees Tapped

2,950 (updated April 2022)

Maple Products Offered

Syrup, candy, cream, sugar

-Kirby Mountain Maple, LLC. -

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