Maple Products

Our pure VT maple syrup can be purchased year-round subject to seasonal availability. Maple confections (candy, sugar, and cream) are made-to-order for freshness. Please see the how to order section below for purchasing and shipping options. Thank you!

Pure VT Maple Syrup

VT maple syrup is classified by four taste/color grades: golden with delicate taste, amber with rich taste, dark with rich taste, and very dark with strong taste. Due to seasonal variability, available grades may vary; our sugarbush typically produces golden, amber, and dark syrup. We are best known for our golden delicate syrup (formerly known as "fancy"). 

$45 / gallon
$26 / half gallon
$15 / quart
$ 9 / pint
$6 / half pint


Maple Candy


A classic Vermont treat, our maple candy is a soft, creamy confection molded into maple leaves that melt in your mouth. 3 pieces


Maple Sugar


A granulated sugar with a rich maple taste. Use as a delicious sweetener for baked goods or as a topping for oatmeal, ice cream, or coffee. 1 lb


Maple Cream


Think nutella, but maple. This decadent cream is delicious on toast, waffles, sundaes, and anything else you care to top with a dollop of rich goodness. 0.5 lb 


Gift Boxes


Perfect for holiday gifting, our gift boxes include a sampling of all of our maple products. 

Small box: 1 pint maple syrup, 1 lb. maple sugar, 1 dozen candies, and 0.5 lb. cream ($35)
Large box: 1 quart maple syrup, 1 lb. maple sugar, 20 candies, and 0.5 lb. cream ($45)

Customs boxes available upon request. We recommend ordering no more than 4 weeks in advance, as our candy is made-to-order for freshness.

How to order

Whether you are local or across the country, we can help you stay supplied with all your favorite maple products! We are a small, family-run business that works directly with our customers to arrange custom orders of all sizes, with local pickup or flat rate shipping in the U.S.  

Local Orders

Call or email to let us know what you need, and stop by the Wood Farm on Brook Road in Concord to pick up your order.  

Shipped Orders

Call or email to let us know what you need, and we will provide you with a shipping quote and online payment options.

Retail Locations

You can also find our syrup at select locations in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Current retailers are listed here

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